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Life in the UK Test

Life in the UK Test, also known as British Citizenship Test, has been introduced in the UK since November 1, 2006. It is also now also mandatory for those intending to settle in the United Kingdom indefinitely, and not only for naturalization purposes. Hundreds of practice questions included in our database are meant to ensure that you pass the test from the first try. We offer a full money back guarantee in case you fail, and so far we never had to reimburse anybody. The success of our system can be explained by several features of our training package: users concentrate on their weak points, first eliminating all the information they already know. Further, practicing can be made in separate topics, same as official manual's chapters, or mixed the way they appear in the real Life in the UK Test. A simulation of a real test is provided as well, to familiarize the candidate with the exam's timeframe and passmark.

For those who are incomfortable with training online, we offer several downloads in PDF format, which can be easily printed out and used with answer sheets and a key, also provided. All our practice questions are based on the official manual, recently updated "Life in the United Kingdom A Journey to Citizenship", and only on the chapters that are required. Cititest offers a free evaluation, and unlimited free testing in one topic; feel free to register and use our interactive testing system to determine your level. You can also use Cititest to refresh your knowledge of the UK's history, culture and political institutions.


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