Who is the head of the Anglican Church?

The TRICKY QUESTION of the Day is:

Who is the head of the Anglican Church?

You might get possible answers like:

The Queen
The Archbishop of Canterbury
The Head of State of the United Kingdom


“The Life in the UK” manual is not clear at all on the matter.

Here’s what it says:

“The Church of England, or Anglican Church as it is also known, came into existence in 1534. The King installed himself as head of the Church, and the title of the Supreme Governor has been held by the King or Queen ever since. /…/ The Queen or King also has the right to appoint a number of senior church officers, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the head of the church. “

(Page 50).

The same paragraph mentiones both the King and the Archbishop of Canterbury as “head of the church”.

In fact, this position simply doesn’t exist.

According to the Bible, the head of the church is actually Jesus Christ:


The Church never refers to the Archbishop of Canterbury as its “Head”; they prefer the title “spiritual leader”.

The official title of the Queen is “the Supreme Governor of the Church”.

But the Queen does not have the title “Head of State”, yet she is.

In fact, if you are asked, “WHo is the Head of State of the United Kingdom?” the only correct answer is “The Queen”.

So, what is the right answer?!

It is VERY likely that the authors of the test expect you to answer “Archbishop of Canterbury”.

Hopefully you will not get BOTH “the Queen” and “the Archbishop of Canterbury” as answer options!

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