How many parliaments are there in Britain?


How many parliaments are there in Britain?

Write down your answer - just the number.

Now, answer the following questions, and also write down your answers.

How many local parliaments are there in the UK?

How many local parliaments are there in England?

How many parliaments are there in the UK?

Now check your answers. Your numbers should be, in this order:


Did you get it right?

Where’s the trick?!

If the question is about “parliaments”, don’t forget to include the Westminster - the actual parliament of the United Kingdom.

If the question is about “local parliaments”, there are only 3:

the parliament of Scotland
the Assembly of Wales
the parliament of Northern Ireland, also known as Stormont

The very first question used the word “Britain” instead of “UK”, therefore, you must exclude the parliament of Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is not part of Britain.

The third question was about England. There is NO English parliament; there was one in the past, but only until 1707. (You don’t need to remember that). So, because we are asked only about LOCAL parliaments, the answer is zero. If it didn’t say “local”, we would have to answer “1″, because the UK Parliament is in London, which is in England!


Read the questions carefully.

Avoid the situation where you know the material, but still give a wrong answer just because you missed a tiny detail in the question.

Remember: your knowledge of English is also being tested.

There are some questions on Parliaments in our Free Training and in the Evaluation Test.

Good luck!

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  1. confusedResident said,

    May 4, 2007 @ 3:32 am

    Actually,though I haven’t read it all yet,the book i purchased says that-
    THERE IS NO parliament in Northern Ireland as it was sustained by the UK gov
    due to disagreements between its members (Catholic&Protestants)
    If it actually says laterin the book that THERE IS a parliament in Northern Ireland then it is quite obvious that someone out there is having a laugh at our expense!
    There’s so much unclear info on this book,it’s unbelieveable!

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