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Australian Citizenship Test

Important Note: Effective 19 October 2009, the Australian Citizenship Test has been modified.

Practice questions for the NEW TEST are available at www.AustralianTest.com

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Beginning October 1, 2007, after extensive discussions and much controversy, a mandatory test was introduced for those who apply for the Australian citizenship. Since that day, hundreds of people took the test, which contains twenty questions with a sixty percent passmark. Our website provides online training for the Australian citizenship test, as well as printable practice questions in PDF format. We offer a free evaluation, as well as a variety of additional training resources, some of which are free for all and are immediately available after a simple and fast registration. An interactive testing system allows to accurately establish your level; custom tests can be programmed to match your specific needs. All questions are separated into four categories, and five difficulty levels. Who was Australia's first Prime Minister? What was the Snowy Mountains Scheme? The name of the Captain Cook's ship? Australia's national gemstone? These and many more questions can be found on Cititest. All our practice questions are based on the required reading material, the manual called "Becoming an Australian Citizen". Our training will be useful for candidates to Australian citizenship from all backgrounds, regardless of native language or nationality. It may also be used by Australians who wish to know what kind of knowledge is now required from newcomers; or by anyone who would like to learn more about Australia.


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